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The children in Syria

A short documentary of the children who are left to sell what they can after their homes and school has been shelled. They go to visit their old school


Syrian left wing opposition

Even some on the left have fallen for the Assad propaganda and conspiracy theories circulating the web. Give me evidence that Al-qaeda are running the show. If the CIA are  funding the FSA then where is the evidence? Yesterday both the pro and anti Assad mainstream media critised the resistance for cutting off a media centre. Its clear that none of these multi-million media outlets are on the side of the poor and oppressed. Somehow the action against the media station was portrayed as an action against freedom of speech. I wish these Journalists with their cozy offices and comfy lives would put themselves in the position of those currently fighting a class war in Syria. I immediately viewed the attack as a victory for the revolution. In a country where a war of words is being used to divide the population in an attempt to stir up sectarian conflict in a country that is home to Sunnis, Shi’ats, Alawites, Kurds, Christians, as well as a significant number of Palestinian and Iraqi refugees. Another report yesterday in Russia Today and the BBC shows rebels wearing Christian religious clothing and holding up a cross in a manner that suggests they are mocking Christians. It was a picture with two or three men who looked like they were having a laugh more than anything else. All of a sudden any action carried out by a Syrian is being used to criticise the movement. A video I came across yesterday on twitter suggests the opposite. A video of a group from the Free Syrian Army who are Christians and are making it clear that the revolution is not against Christians.

The revolutionary movement is now calling for the fall of the regime and does not yet have a fixed ideology. They are caught up in the current struggle more than anything else. However the Local coordination committees (LCC) have outlined their vision as one that demands human rights with any international interferance.

Furthermore this movement is clearly one of the poor who have suffered the worst effects of what the Syrian Marxist scholar Salama Kalieh calls Syria a “Rentier” system where the ruling Alawite families are running a Mafia style capitalism. Over the last ten years the gap between the rich and the poor increased as Neo-Liberal reforms were introduced. Salama explains in his interview that the socialists and communists were part of the uprising from day one. According to Salama Kaileh the crisis of the left is just as evident in Syria as it is in the western world; the communist party do not really understand communism and continue to remain loyal to the regime but that does not mean that all the party members have followed this stance; many of them have joined the revolution. Salama Kaileh is the kind of voice that the Syrian people need in this crucial time of struggle, please sign the petition to call for his release from Syrian prision.

Resistance continues in Syria (June 29 2012)

Anti-government protests continue to wave their green, white ,black flags in Syria. According to the Local coordinating committees (LCC) the government opposition only gets bigger as the death toll increases. The Syrian people are brave and they are able to protest freely not because they are free from government oppression but because they have the Free Syria Army to protect them. They are also highly organised and able to trick the regime by organising fake protests and by carrying out other actions while the demonstrations continue so that the security forces are distracted by other activities. While Internet and telecommunications are often cut off and monitored, activists are organising themselves through the use of satellite phones and using traditional meeting places like mosques where they “name” the demonstration. The Syrian people will win as we are seeing more soldiers desert and join the FSA, who continue to support the peoples revolution. Say “No to intervention” and say “Yes to solidarity”.

Beyond the propaganda about syria


This interesting and in-depth article gives a perspective on the Syrian revolution which is neither pro- western intervention or pro-Assad.

Much of mainstream media is polarized in such ways. If a critical observer feels horrified at the thought of another US/NATO/UN style humanitarian invasion of a country with vast oil wealth which is marketed to the masses as a war to save the Syrian people but in reality is carried out at the expense of the Syrian people and their interests. They may well fall for the pro-Assad propaganda media which has also been backed up by conspiracy theory sights such as infowars as well as Russia Today.

We need to say no to the brutal leaders whatever their country or alliances. We must unite as people against the tyrants internationally, not replace one by another. We need to believe in ourselves and know that when the lion told all the animals he was dying, they entered the cave to say their goodbyes. The fox didn’t enter the cave he sat for over an hour outside the cave until the lion came out of the cave to ask the fox why he didn’t come to greet him. The fox replied;”I’m not going in until the other animals go out alive”.