Resistance continues in Syria (June 29 2012)

Anti-government protests continue to wave their green, white ,black flags in Syria. According to the Local coordinating committees (LCC) the government opposition only gets bigger as the death toll increases. The Syrian people are brave and they are able to protest freely not because they are free from government oppression but because they have the Free Syria Army to protect them. They are also highly organised and able to trick the regime by organising fake protests and by carrying out other actions while the demonstrations continue so that the security forces are distracted by other activities. While Internet and telecommunications are often cut off and monitored, activists are organising themselves through the use of satellite phones and using traditional meeting places like mosques where they “name” the demonstration. The Syrian people will win as we are seeing more soldiers desert and join the FSA, who continue to support the peoples revolution. Say “No to intervention” and say “Yes to solidarity”.


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